Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Change the aspect of your bedroom with new bed linens

Linen is a very important accessory in arranging a bedroom. All the bedding must match with the rest of the furniture in this room, to make it a nice, cozy place to be. It is recommended that the linens are made from a quality material, pleasant to the touch and durable, to ensure your sleep.

Here are a few ideas on how to match your bed linens with the rest of the decor in your bedroom: 

If you're a romantic, opt for a floral bed linen, with fresh and pastel colors.


If you are someone who has a bedroom decorated in glamorous style, you can opt for a satin cotton bed linen, very pleasant to the touch, which will give your bedroom a luxurious look.


 If you like luxury and you want special, custom bed linens, choose something made from quality materials, maybe decorated with fine embroidery or Swarovsky stones.

To enjoy maximum comfort during the summer, opt for flax linens that absorb sweat very well and remove moisture, keeping the body cool and giving a feeling of freshness in hot weather.

With a well chosen lingerie you can boost your bedroom. Give your room a splash of color by opting for a bedding in bright, bold colors.

Or maybe you want to use a palette of soothing colors. Choose linens with exquisite design and elegant; something decorated discreetly.

If you're a fan of contemporary style and neutral colors, you can opt for linens inspired by nature in shades of beige, cream, brown, scarlet, or white.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Undermount kitchen sinks

Rather than showing the lip of the kitchen sink over the countertop, undermount sinks install beneath the countertop. This adds a sleek look that makes it much easier to clean and wipe off kitchen counters.
These sinks combine great functionality with contemporary design and add greatly to the usability of your kitchen. These sinks almost seem to be concealed from view, adding to a feeling of greater available space even in the smallest of kitchens.


Undermount sinks are available in the same variety of materials as regular sinks, so you are guaranteed to find something that fits in with your design ideas. Also, you can install them under any type of countertop, from granite to wood, and marble.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Clever ideas for a small bathroom

Is your bathroom too small? This will not be a problem anymore. You do not need a generously sized bathroom to enjoy it. You can take inspiration from these ideas to transform your bathroom into a truly relaxing mini-spa at home.

Illusion of height

Vertical lines create the illusion of height. Tiles mounted as close to the ceiling as possible will create the illusion of a larger space. For a guaranteed effect, choose light colored or white tile with thin stripes, vertical, which continue from one plate to another.

2. Lights and mirrors

Mirrors are a perfect way to add depth, width and length to small rooms. Most times, one mirror is enough in the bathroom. Try to place it opposite from the door or the window. Also, the mirror will help to distribute light throughout the room.
For smaller bathrooms, showers without cabin are preferred , which will not create any visual barriers.

3. Lights and shelves

If your bathroom does not benefit from a window, you can use modern artificial lighting sources, such as spots. A good idea is to mount some shelves at a maximum height (where you can reach them) and to place lights under them.
The best are the corner shelves that will accommodate all soaps, shampoos, bath salt, etc. .

4. Color

The key word is "simple". Use a light color on the walls, ceiling, and the floor. I recommend warm tones, pastels, or plain white. Stylish appearance of the arrangement may be given by the color that dominates the decor.

5. Tiles

Try to mount large size ceramic tiles, so that a single tile can cover the widest possible space.
The effect may be amplified by the use of opaque and darker floor tiles, some hanging shelves and a sink mounted directly in the wall.

6. The sink

Sinks with a pedestal are a great way to save space since they are not voluminous. Choose furniture with a modern design based on straight lines, a unified color and discrete models.

7. Cabinets

The first place where you can use a cabinet is under the sink. The next generous space that you can use is above the toilet tank. A tall narrow cabinet will give you enough room to store all the smallest of bathrooms: cosmetic bags, nail file, etc. .

8. Doors

A sliding door gives more space than a normal door with hinges.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mediterranean flair

The kitchen should be a warm and welcoming space, so a Mediterranean-inspired decorative style is very suitable for this room.

The key is to use bright colors, ceramic elements and lots of white. The first step in creating a
Mediterranean kitchen would be tiling the floor with warm, earth color tiles, i.e. the color terracotta. This should be in contrast with the white walls.

Color accents of blue, yellow and orange are always present in such a setting, whether introduced through decorations, textiles or traditional kitchen accessories.

Stainless steel sinks and other stainless appliances will give the kitchen a clean and elegant look.